Friday, July 30, 2010

The Glass Is 80% Full.

We now have the agreement of four out of five of the candidates in the Labour Party Leadership election to issue "Manifestos of Intent". The two Miliband bothers have joined Diane Abbott and Andy Burnham on this. The only person who has not yet replied to our repeated requests is Ed Balls. So I have emailed his wife on the matter. That should do the trick.

We would like to publish all five Manifestos together. This will be done as soon as they are all received, or we can link to them. But we can't wait until after the balloting commences on 16 August. If we don't have a full hand of Manifestos by then, we will publish what we hold and explain the efforts we engaged in to get the rest.

At the moment we hold material from two of the candidates, so we will not finish up being empty handed. Any candidate is, of course, free to publish a Manifesto themselves whenever they wish.

We have asked Yvette to have another word with Ed.

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