Sunday, July 11, 2010

Questions For The Leadership Candidates

We should have held a Discussion Meeting today, but the World Cup Final has got in the way.

Instead here are some pertinent questions for the Labour Party leadership candidates from one of our regular attenders SNOWY WILLIAMS.

"In your scheme of things -

(1) Will the former Clause 4 be re-introduced into the Labour Party's aims and objectives?

(2) Will words like socialism and socialist appear in your literature?

(3) Will local constituency parties be given greater control over their choice of candidates?

(4) Will you spell out in unambiguous DETAIL the relationship that you aim to establish between the Trade Unions and the Labour Party?

(5) Will Trade Unions be able to offer direct sponsorship to candidates of their choosing for parliamentary elections?

(6) Will you abandon the policy of handing over schools to private bodies for profit?

(7) What are your attitudes towards re-nationalising transport, gas, electricity and the water supply?"

Further contributions from Snowy appear here and here.

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