Monday, December 31, 2007

Previous Meetings - 2007

Date: Sun-9-Dec-07
Topic: Unemployment
Speaker: Barry Johnson, Vice-Chair, Chesterfield Trade Union Council

Date: Sun-11-Nov-07
Topic: How Labour's Energy Policy Has Failed
Speaker: Ian Rutledge, Energy Economist

Date: Sun-14-Oct-07
Topic: Human Rights in Russia
Speaker: Graham Jones, Sheffield Amnesty International

Date: Sun-8-Jul-07
Topic: What chance for the Iraqi Labour Movement?
Speaker: Harry Barnes, Retired M.P. North East Derbyshire 1987–2005

Date: Sun-10-Jun-07
Topic: "Partnership Into Power" - Is Labour's Policy Review Working?
Speaker: Andy Furlong, National Policy Forum Representative For East Midland CLPs

Date: Sun-13-May-07
Topic: "The Climate Change Crisis"
Speaker: Ken Curran, mini Bio here (also a regular attender at our meetings)

Date: Sun-11-Mar-07
Topic: Have We The Energy?
Speaker: Philip Wright, Professor of Energy and Economics, Shefield University

Date: Sun-14-Jan-07
Topic: Labour, the Left and the Leadership
Speaker: Will Brown: Open University Lecturer, Independent Labour Publications