Monday, February 9, 2009

Match Cancelled, Game Continues

A Dronfield Scene - The Morning After The Night Before

Yesterday evening's Dronfield Labour Party discussion meeting had to be cancelled due to heavy snow, which started to have a full impact just as we were due to assemble. This has meant that we were unable to have the planned discussion in order to finalise our two submissions to Compass as part of its programme "How To Live In The 21st Century"

As our submissions need to be in by 23rd February, we need to look for other means by which they can be finalised. One of those avenues is for readers of this blog to continue to make submissions in our relevant comment boxes. Please aim to do this by 18th February. Links to the appropriate threads are provided below. Contributions from those who normally attend our discussions will be especially welcome. But anyone can join in. Those who attend our meetings but don't operate personal computers, will be contacted by snail mail on how they can also be involved.

Weather permitting, I will also raise the issues concerned for discussion at the coming meeting of the Dronfield Labour Party.

To meet the deadline, Blogger Brader and myself will have to re-draft the submissions after 18 February. We will then place the re-draft on this blog. This will give people an opportunity to object via our comment box if they think that we have violated the spirit of the points that have been put to us. We will then take such points into account and publish the final version when this is submitted to Compass.

For our draft submission on "Integrated Transport" see here.

For responses to the above see the comment box attached to the above and also here and here.

For our draft response on "Political Education" see here and follow up via its comment box.

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