Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is a photo of Coleg Harlech, with Harlech Castle in the background. Hardly a scene for the spread of CHAOS you might think.

It is significant that Geoff Bratley-Kendall the speaker at the next meeting of the Dronfield Labour Party Discussion Group was today on a lobby of parliament pressing for significant improvements in Adult Education services. For he will lead a discussion on these matters at our next meeting. His talk is entitled "Adult Education : Experiences and Issues".

Geoff is the Secretary of the Coleg Harlech Association of Old Students (CHAOS) who have acted to work with other ex-students organisations from Adult Residential Colleges to influence public policy on adult education.

Geoff lives in Dronfield and attends our meetings. He knows that he will face a lively and firmly interested audience. Our regulars include former adult education students from the Northern College, Newbattle Abbey, the Co-op College, Ruskin, Coleg Harlech, University Access Courses and Industrial Day Release Classes. Some who have had a foot in more than one camp.

Why not use the comment box on this thread to get your tackle in first? There's CHAOS for you.

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