Thursday, January 8, 2009

Setting Out Our Compass

Compass, the independent democratic left pressure group, are encouraging people to hold meetings to determine sets of political proposals for a programme entitled "How To Live In The 21st Century". These are for submission to Compass, where they will be voted upon by its members to form the organisation's campaigning priorities.

Dronfield Labour Party runs a monthly discussion meeting and it devoted its last one to the above proposal. At its meeting, five sets of ideas were proposed and discussed. The meeting decided to pursue two of these with a view to submitting them to Compass. One was on "Integrated Transport" and the other on "Political Education".

Harry Barnes as the Political Education Officer of the Dronfield Labour Party has drafted submissions on the above two items in line with discussions at the meeting. He has drafted these in the format required by Compass.

At the moment these are provisional documents which need to be returned to the Dronfield Labour Party Discussion Meeting for further debate and refinement. When this has been done they will be submitted to Compass.

In the meantime, the provisional submissions will be placed on this blog. The proposals in relation to "Integrated Transport" will appear tomorrow and those on "Political Education" will follow on Saturday. Later the finalised versions as submitted to Compass will also appear on this blog.

Members of the Dronfield Labour Party Discussion Group and any other readers will be encouraged to respond via our comment box.

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