Thursday, January 22, 2009

Policies, Not Personalities

The Dronfield Labour Party Discussion Group meets on Sunday 8 February to finalise its submissions to Compass in connection with their project "How To Live In The 21st Century".

We will be considering the submissions which were shaped at our meeting on 14 December, 2008. Any member of the Labour Party and/or the Dronfield Contact Club plus those receiving invitations are welcome and encouraged to attend. The meeting is by no means restricted to those who initially shaped our provisional submissions which are on the topics "Integrated Transport" and "Political Education".

The deadline for sending our submissions to Compass is 23 February.

There are details available of what Compass are up to. When you click in here you will find these, they include their full time-table of arrangements. Further links will then be found to show how others can join in the process. You can act via any group interested in the well-being of the Labour Movement, including just an informal get-together of friends.

The important thing in politics should be policies and not personalities.

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