Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Previous meetings - 2008

This is a list of some of our meetings that took place before the blog was established:

Date: Sun-14-Dec-08
Topic: What's Our Big Idea To Further Equality And Democracy?
A discussion which produced the draft ideas for submission to Compass

Date: Sun-14-Sep-08
Topic: Organising for Education
Speaker: Bill Greenshields, President of the National Union of Teachers and is an English Teacher in Derbyshire

Date: Sun-13-Jul-08
Topic: The Future of the NHS. This meeting marked the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the National Health Service. It was established on 5th July, 1948 by the post-war Labour Government.
Speaker: Dr. Jack Czauderna, Family Doctor at the Darnall Community Health Centre in Sheffield who spoke forcefully on this topic at the new Speaker's Corner on May Day in Chesterfield

Date: Sun-08-Jun-08
Topic: Labour's Next Policies
Speaker: Gary Ransford, Secretary & Political Education Officer of the Bolsover Constituency Labour Party

Date: Sun-13-Apr-08
Topic: "Higher Education ? Its Nor For Me Love" - Are We Really Widening Access To Higher Education?
Speaker: John Harvey, Lead Adviser, FE/Schools/Community and Regional Adviser for the North West

Date: Sun-09-Mar-08
Topic: The Great Pensions Scandal
Speaker: John Halstead, Former Chair and a current Executive Committee Member of the Society for the Study of Labour History

Date: Sun-18-Feb-08
Topic: How will the Government End Child Poverty by 2020?
Speaker: Colin Hampton, Co-ordinator, Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre

Date: Sun-11-Jan-08
Topic: Labour Party Policy Making and Trade Union Policies
Speaker: Gary Ransford, Secretary & Political Education Officer, Bolsover CLP

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