Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dangers From Fracking In North Derbyshire

The following is an item from 'NED News' which is published by the North East Derbyshire Constituency Labour Party.
"Fracking Policy.

At an All Member Meeting held on 16 April a comprehensive motion on gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, was unanimously passed. The policy has now been submitted to Derbyshire County Council as a new minerals policy is developed. Here is what it says:

"This Constituency Labour Party opposes Fracking (i.e. a method used to extract natural gas from shale rock formations), in the areas we cover. We also disagree with the availability of 132 new oil and gas exploration licences covering 5000 square miles provided by the Government, which includes our areas. We oppose fracking for the following reasons; the majority of these being safety related,

Groundwater quality – contamination with fracking chemicals and mobilisation of deep naturally occurring radioactive materials.

Waste – contamination of hydraulic fracturing i.e. drill cuttings, waste drilling muds (oil & water), waste gases e.g. Carbon Dioxide and disposal of waste water is problematic.

Water supplies – fracking requires considering amounts of water and could pose risk to local supplies if catchments were over-abstracted.

Air emissions and health – possible methane and nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere during recovery of shale gas.

Habitats and biodiversity – loss of local habitats through; noise & vibration, air & water and truck movements all have an impact on wildlife.

Geological integrity – possible earth quakes re Cuadrilla drilling near Blackpool were halted due to two earth tremors linked to their activities.

Noise and disruption – will cause visual intrusion, loss of land and noise and vibration due to 24 hour workings.

Former workings – old mines in the area could collapse. There were several open cast planning applications rejected e.g. Apperknowle and Calow.

We ask the Derbyshire County Council planning department to report on the above, including the licences granted and possible applications. We also ask our MP Natascha Engel to update the CLP on whether the Secretary of State for State for Energy & Climate Change has more information on this matter.

We note that action is required before fracking planning applications are received, so that the case for rejecting such applications is clearly understood."

The motion was submitted to the NE Derbyshire CLP by our Dronfield Branch.

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