Monday, September 5, 2011

What Will The Labour Party Be Like By October?

The Guardian claims that it knows what will emerge out of the "Refounding Labour" consultations at the Labour Party Conference in three weeks time- see here. Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement on these matters from the Labour Party, nor has anything been circulated to the membership. This is my satirical take.

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  1. Hi Harry,

    It seems other CLPs have tabled emergency resolutions due to concern about the Refounding Labour time table where final content / decisions will be taken. Unsure whether the NEC meeting will on the 15th or 20th Sep?

    Where is all the transparency promised at the beginning of this process? I'm sure there are other Labour members concerned how this consultation process will finish.

    PS also worth noting this Government is just about to hand over one of our last national institutions to private companies. There have been several already lined up one such company is called Helios. Another German company ready to accept UK tax payers’ money to run our hospitals!

    Regards Jon Williams