Monday, September 19, 2011

Labour's Consultative Insult

This is Ann Black's take on the current consultative mess in the Labour Party


  1. sadly Labour has actually dumped a lot my CLP asked about getting back to basic making labour socialist again, dumped, I know a few CLP's who have put this forward, and it's been just dumped, so Union will not have any changes did any one really think different the rest are just cosmetic making this Newer labour

  2. Anonymous : Ours also bit the dust, although we seem to have received an acknowledgement that they received it! See here for our submission -

  3. It's about control, that's why they kept the so called refounding secret, so they could control what they wanted published.

    Again the idea that taking £10 off the cost of joining £51 down to £41 is will get people to join is silly.

    Young people joining at fourteen why not twelve why not allow children to join at five, run youth clubs meeting bring up children in what a New labour ethos, oh look a disabled child they are not one of us.

    I'm dam angry this is about regaining those middle class Tory swing voters, why the hell would they want to rejoin labour they have their party back.

    Miliband this week, we know where we went wrong it was immigration and welfare, we did not go far enough or fast enough on welfare.

    10 million people on welfare that's a lot of voters Mr Miliband, do not listen to Purnell mate.

    But this is not re-branding or refounding, this is the old problems of floundering labour.

    Robert the crip

    some reason I cannot log on with google.