Thursday, September 21, 2017

Needed : Full Labour Party Membership Rights In Northern Ireland.

This is taken from a published leaflet. I apologise for not having the technical skills to reproduce the full original. Harry Barnes.

In Northern Ireland We want the right to vote Labour.

Stop giving the Tories/DUP a free run!

The Labour Party in Northern Ireland (LPNI) has over 3000 members and registered supporters. Many of these joined in the last two years, inspired by the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and his policies ‘for the many, not the few.’ We are organised in one CLP which meets regularly and sends delegates to conference. There are also vibrant ‘branches’ meeting all over the region, reflecting the tremendous diversity of our grassroots membership.

3000 members and supporters, zero candidates!

However, Labour’s leadership still refuses us the right to stand candidates. We are denied the right to vote for Labour Party candidates in any elections: local councils, Westminster Parliament, European or Stormont Assembly.

As a result the DUP, which is keeping the Tories in power, is given a free run by Labour.

Labour are the official opposition and the only party that can remove the Tories from government. If Labour does not stand in Northern Ireland it is seeking to govern it without representing it. This is a gross suppression of our basic democratic rights and disenfranchises Northern Ireland voters.
It means we are forced by Labour to vote for local ethno-sectarian parties, such as the DUP and Sinn Fein, in the absence of the Labour Party. Sectarianism is exacerbated and the Tories are in power.
Labour in, sectarianism out!

People in Northern Ireland are also denied many other rights:
    The 1967 Abortion Act still does not apply to Northern Ireland. Abortion is highly restricted. As a result of Stella Creasy MP’s welcome initiative, Northern Ireland women can now access free abortions in GB. But what about those many women who, for one reason or another, can’t travel?
    Northern Ireland is the only part of Britain and Ireland that does not have Equal Marriage.
We are fully committed to gender justice, reproductive justice and social justice. However, without Labour candidates we cannot build electoral campaigns around our equality and anti-austerity agendas.

Join us at our Fringe Event:
Northern Ireland: the Right to Stand
Tuesday    September 26th, 2017.    5.45-7.45pm
Lowy Suite    Brighton Hotel    143-5 King’s Road. Chair: Joan Martin Speakers: Roberta Blackman-Woods MP Bridie McCreesh Unite    Mary Sheen LPNI    Damien Harris LPNI    Boyd Black LPNI
Published by:    LPNI. 19 Church Road, Belfast BT8 7AL.

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