Sunday, July 23, 2017

August Meeting - On a Saturday, not a Sunday.

              50th Anniversary of the Contact Club on our Snape Hill Lane site.

Manny Shinwell MP who as Minister of Fuel and Power nationalised the Coal Industry back in 1947, officially opened the current site of the Contact Club on 12 August, 1967.

As you enter the Club you will see a brass plague on the wall which commemorates the event.

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the opening, the Dronfield Labour Party will hold an informal get-together in the Functions Room of the Club at 8pm on Saturday 12 August. 

There will be a display of literature related to that period. With people present who were at the original event. 

At the time the local Labour MP had a majority of 19,600. How do we re-build the good old days?  

The session will only last for an hour or so. We will then move on to the Lounge Bar to socialise.

The Club was named after this Dronfield Labour Party magazine, first published in 1962.  

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