Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Trident" by Ken Curran Snr.

I feel sorry for those former members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet who resigned over the possibility of the Party changing its current position, even before the process of a review has started.

I am increasingly concerned at what I regard as the political immaturity which has been demonstrated by these individuals.  Quite apart from the enormous increase in the cost. In the renewal of the Trident Project it appears as though these individuals have completely lost sight of why we first invested in the project. It was conceived during the Cold War as a deterrent to the Soviet Union and intended to adjust the balance of nuclear warheads between the NATO and the Warsaw Pact Nations. Today the Soviet Union does not exist. There is no longer a Warsaw Pact and a number of those nations who were in it have since joined Nato.

From the way in which some of our Labour MPs have been behaving you would think the Berlin Wall was still manned by the Red Army. Not only are these people living in another age when it comes to  defence strategies, they appear incapable of comprehending what threatens Britain. The main threat to Britain and indeed the rest of the World today is the consequences brought about by climate change. Of course I am aware of the various threats which emanate from people who claim to be religious warriors of Allah, all of whom are disowned by the mainstream Muslim religion.

The third threat is from the current nature of advanced capitalism, evading social responsibility for its actions.  Every week we are in peril from the financial system, they don’t need tanks or nuclear warheads in order to achieve their objectives. They just mention moving their HQs or pulling out their money and the politicians surrender. 

The above is by Ken Curran Snr. 

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