Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Labour's Coming Electoral Programme

The General Election is only six months away. If Labour is to make an impact, it needs to start pressing its electoral programme now. It has no problem in doing this, for after considerable inner-party discussions it came up with a final version of its agreed proposals at its recent Annual Conference. The document containing these proposals is entitled "National Policy Forum Report 2014" and it can be found here.  It is, however, 218 pages long and needs sorting out into more manageable chunks. This needs doing before it can be distilled into an even easier-to-handle electoral manifesto. In case no-one is sorting out these matters at the moment, I am trying my hand at doing this in a series of on-going items on my own eight year old blog, which is entitled "Three Score Years And Ten". Each item I post will cover a single broad aspect of Labour's Programme and I give the Policy Forum page references for each of the sub-points I refer to.  The current leading item on my blog shows how to link into my earlier items in this series - see here

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