Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Submissions To Labour's Consultative Procedure

17 ideas were submitted at our April meeting. A ballot took place on these at our May meeting. The following received the top votes. I have submitted these via the Labour Party's consultative procedure (see via here) . Each submission starts with the following - 

"This is submitted on behalf of the Discussion Group of the Dronfield Branch of the Labour Party in the North East Derbyshire Constituency. This is a Group which caters for Labour Party Members and others from the area of the Dronfield Branch and from the wider CLP area and beyond."

Re-establishing and extending the NHS

We call for -
(a) An end to any further form of privatisation in the NHS and in Social Care.
(b) The return of the NHS to full public ownership, with an end to all forms of private investment.
(c) Recognition that the above and the repeal of the Health and Social Care Act can only legally be achieved in this country if the NHS is exempted from the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. (Note : John Healy MP has promised to address us on this topic).

Council Houses & Privately Rented Homes

We call for -
(a) An expansion of Council Houses, with affordable rents and tenant involvement in their running.
(b) Rent controls on private rented property as a means of controlling housing benefit total costs.

Lost Generation

As we live in a period of mass unemployment nationally and globally, we need policies in place for young people as they come out of education, so that they have something to look forward to in contributing to the economy of the country.

Renationalise the Railways

The section covering lines 9 to 16 on page 5 of this document should be re-written to provide for the renationalisation of the whole of the railway system, which is essential for the development of an integrated transport system. It is also a matter which has widespread public support.

An Ethical Foreign Policy - Latin America

Labour should appreciate the real opportunities to develop a successful and truly ethical foreign policy opened by the fast changing situation in Latin America. The decline of unhelpful outside intervention coupled with a growing continental autonomy and co-operation provides real opportunities for trade and the export of good practice, offering experience in diplomacy, conflict resolution, education, community building and IT. Labour should work with partners in Europe and the OAS and democratic socialist governments in Latin America, and NGOs at home and abroad to help the resolution of existing conflicts, strengthen civil society and secure Latin America's control over her cultural, mineral, human resources and rights.

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