Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Left Of Centre" by Jon Williams

Here is an interesting article by Paul Richards, especially the last few paragraphs - basically what are Labour’s policies going to be if they get elected in 2015?

Yes Labour opposes some awful Tory legislation (e.g. the Health and Social Care Bill), but will Labour reverse these Bills or modify to something that represents our values and beliefs?

I don't attach much weight to Liam Byrne's "Fresh Ideas...review" as it seems to have originated from the same place as "Refounding Labour" - probably "Progress" the party within a party.

It seems Western political language has moved from advocating a capitalist system to an austerity one. The recent economic woes have tarnished capitalist modus operandi, so there is a shift in language to still allow the 1% to continue business as usual.

Let's hope the up and coming NEC Elections will elect candidates who support party democracy and allow ordinary members views to reach the Shadow Cabinet.

Hoping the NHS doesn't become PHS (Private Health Service)!!


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