Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Days To Transform The Labour Party

A review of the Labour Party policy making process was launched at last year's Annual Conference of the Labour Party and a subsequent report will be presented for endorsement at this year's Annual Conference.

The deadline for submissions to the review is 10th June - in only ten days.

Submissions can be made either: - Via the Labour Party website at: members.labour.org.uk/pip - Or in writing to:
Review of Partnership into Power
Policy and Research Department
The Labour Party
39 Victoria Street

I intend to submit the following -

"Complex and convoluted systems undermine the operations of supposed democratic procedures. Democratic arrangements need to be straightforward and understood. The current "Partnership Into Power" system and the functions of the National Policy Forum are not understood by the bulk of Labour Party members who participate in Labour Party Branch and Constituency activities, serve on local councils and/or engage in local electoral activity. The current system is dismissed as being one of "smoke and mirrors". It should be abandoned.

In its place we require a clear structure for policy making, in which democratically run units of the Labour Party have a direct link into the activities of the National Executive Committee and into the decision-making procedures of the Annual Conference of the Labour Party".

If you would like to add your name to the above statement along with your Labour Party Branch and Constituency details, then please confirm this via the attached comment box within the next week. An alternative is to send your own submission directly to the Labour Party.

Harry Barnes.


  1. Yes. Let's get back to a sensible system under which Labour Party Branches and CLP General Committees contribute directly to national policy formulation.

    Graham King
    Newbold Branch, Chesterfield

  2. Graham : Thanks for your support. There are now a dozen of us. But we should add more from events such as our meeting on Sunday - as advertised in the right hand column. You are more than welcome to join us.

  3. Yes we at Staveley Labour Party agree with you Harry, Branches should be able to contribute to national policy.

    Anthony Hill
    Staveley Branch

  4. Anthony : Thanks. Staveley Branch members are more than welcome to attend our Discussion Meetings in Dronfield (as are any Labour Party members). The next one is advertised in the right hand column of this blog and relates to the matter you raise. It is on Sunday at 8 pm. at the Contact Club, Snape Hill Lane, Dronfield. The Lane can be found on a Dronfield map via google, at F3.

  5. Hi Harry

    We will try and send some of our members to the meeting.

    I will e-mail members with the date, time and venue of the meeting.

    Anthony Hill
    Staveley BLP

  6. Anthony : Thanks. All welcome. We have regulars attending from Chesterfield, Sheffield, Barnsley, South Anston as well as Dronfield and other areas of North East Derbyshire.

  7. The proposal on this thread has today been submitted to the Policy and Research Department of the Labour Party. It was unanimously supported by the Dronfield Branch of the NE Derbyshire CLP yesterday evening and by another 12 Labour Party members from eight other Constituency Labour Parties. There is still time to contact us with your support (giving your branch and CLP details) for it will also be submitted to the consultation "Reforming Labour".