Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Injustice : Why Social Inequality Persists

Daniel Dorling is Professor of Human Geography at Sheffield University. Earlier this year Policy Press published his latest book "Injustice : Why Social Inequality Persists". He is to address the next meeting of the Dronfield Labour Party Discussion Group on this key topic at 8pm on Sunday, 14 November.

Simon Jenkins has described him as "Geographer Royal by Appointment to the Left".

Richard Wilkinson co-author of "The Spirit Level" states "beliefs which serve privilege, elitism and inequality infect our minds like computer viruses. But now Dorling provides the brain-cleaning software we need to begin creating a happier society".

His book has also been described as "at least the equal of The Spirit Level" in this review. Whilst Nancy Krieger of the Harvard School of Public Health states "for injustice to flourish, inequality must appear as natural, normal, innate and inevitable. Danny Dorling, in this impassioned, empirical, and hopeful book, skewers ideologies that justify injustice - and reminds us that a necessary step towards creating a better world is collectively imagining it is possible."

Daniel Dorling who undermines the five modern tenets of injustice, viz:

•elitism is efficient;
•exclusion is necessary;
•prejudice is natural;
•greed is good; and
•despair is inevitable.

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