Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reform Of The Commons

We have dealt with the pros and cons of recent proposals for the reform of the procedures in the Commons in three of our past threads. See here, here and here.

The Commons itself discussed the issues involved on both 22 February and 4 March and adopted a range of reforms. The following can be found via this link to the Parliamentary Web-site - (1) Video and Hansard coverage of the debates in the Commons, (2) the Select Committee Report which the debates and decisions were based upon and (3) details about the reforms that were adopted.

After the General Election we will return to the issues involved, asking whether the Commons needs to implement further or alternative sets of reforms?


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  3. Marry : Thank you for your comments. "Marketing Dissertation" I assume is yours as well. Whilst I could have done with help on a dissertation 45 years ago, those days are past me. There have, however, been developments in the new parliament in the areas covered on this and related threads. We hope to return to these matters some time in the future.