Monday, November 23, 2009

Labour to use ‘Against the Odds’ film in election fight

The New Statesman reports that the Labour Party is to use the short ‘Against the odds’ film as part of its effort to fight the next election after a campaign by bloggers.
It’s a short history of the Labour movement and is stirring stuff. It begins with the words: “It’s the fighters and believers who change our world” with nods to party hero’s like Nye Bevan; a mention of Cable Street and the fight against fascism; the formation of the NHS; the fight against Apartheid; and the creation of the minimum wage. All those moments are in there right up to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The film goes onto say that “this history of Britain is the story of fighting for the right thing against the odds”.

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  1. 8 seconds into the video, it shows a photo of Manny Shinwell's Labour victory over Ramsay MacDonald in the 1935 General Election. Whilst the photo is taken a year before I was born, it was taken on the school site at Easington Colliery which I later attended as a child. So you will see that I had a sure start.